Boom Bust

Boom Bust

søndag 3. februar 2013

A gold bug

Ordet gold bug brukes noen ganger om mennesker som f.eks. meg. Fra Wikipedia:

In economics, the term gold bug has three common meanings:
  • a person who opposes or criticizes the use of fiat currency and supports a return to the use of the Gold Standard[1] or some other currency system based on the value of gold and other hard assets.
  • someone who considers one commodity, usually gold, "the appropriate measure of wealth, regardless of the quantity of other goods and services that it can buy".

Men nå har man funnet den virkelige gold bug! En bakterie som kan lage gull! Fra France24:
The bug that lays the golden egg
AFP - Among the more peculiar organisms that inhabit our Earth exists a bacterium that turns water-soluble gold into microscopic nuggets of solid gold, scientists said Sunday.
"This finding is the first demonstration that a secreted metabolite can protect against toxic gold and cause gold biomineralisation," the process by which living organisms produce minerals, they wrote in the journal Nature Chemical Biology. 
Study co-author Nathan Magarvey of Ontario's McMaster University told AFP the study was not designed to show whether it would be viable to use germs to grow gold from water in the lab.
But such processes seem "distinctly possible," he said in an email exchange. 
Dette er Ben Bernanke & Co's våte drøm! Om de i tillegg til sine pengepresser kan få bakterier som kan lage gull for de, så vil vi nok se enda mer god stemning og latter blant de sentralbankansatte enn i tiden opp til finanskrisen!

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